Hotel with Restaurant in Milano Marittima: Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima

Buffet Service and Front Cooking

2 Front Cooking restaurants, where you can dine freely at the “Green Garden” with a large choice of  starters, main and second dishes of meat and fish enhanced with  pizza, focaccia and vegetarian dishes or at the  “Mare e Terra” restaurant with its grilled meat and fish dishes. In both restaurants , you can enjoy delicious appetizers and main dishes, prepared by our chef.

A wide variety of homemade pastries  and ice creams provide the finishing touches to every meal: cakes, puddings and both fruit-flavoured and cream-based ice creams. Every week we hold a gourmet evening inspired by local Romagna traditions, chocolate fountains and plenty more.

The particular close attention that we pay to our youngest guests can also be clearly  found in the high-quality fresh food that we prepare: overnight baking to make sure cakes and pastries are ready for breakfast, and our chefs monitor the ingredients used in our menus for babies as well as infants (vegetable and meat broths with tiny pasta).

“Dine Around”: to taste the specialties of our cooking, you can enjoy lunch or dinner during your stay in the restaurants of our Club Family Hotels in Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, Cervia and Riccione.

“Green Garden Restaurant”

Starting this year you will have the opportunity to have lunch and dinner outside. A cappuccino, a slice of freshly baked chocolate cake and a pancake while looking at the blue sky. At lunch you will find pasta au gratin, delicious appetizers and colorful bowls and protein and every day the chef will delight us with his creativity and delicious desserts.

And dinner under the stars? A wonderful experience to have 🙂
By popular demand, the round pizza is back, crispy and fragrant with a thousand different flavors, it will be hard to come back from the beach and not be enraptured by the smell.