Playstation 5

The fun gets bigger with the legendary Playstation 5! At the Club Family Hotel in Milano Marittima, the latest generation game console has arrived, to play without limits!

Captivating graphics, smooth and flowing images, unprecedented speed, adventures in fantastic worlds and futuristic metropolises, this is what awaits your older children in our corner entirely dedicated to them...and, if you can convince them to let you play, you too! Family fun is served!


Virtual Reality

We don't miss out on anything! Indeed, we won’t let you miss out on anything, because we always come up with new ways to make your family vacation unique, memorable and beautiful! Even in bad weather! So, along with the most beloved gaming console, we have added virtual reality viewers to the multimedia game zone - your teenagers will look forward to being here on vacation with us!

Memorable challenges, last-ditch battles, dives into breathtaking adventures, adrenaline-pumping thrills -we only thought of making it unique for kids to have fun. Now it's their turn to find who to challenge: our entertainers, new friends they met on vacation, or mom and dad! Will you seize this opportunity to make the most out of your vacation with your children, or are you afraid to lose?! Who cares! When you are together with those you love, everything is beautiful, even losing... always while having fun!


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for fun come together, they create
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