Frequent questions

  • Where you are? The location is privileged: directly on the sea, has made the right choice we are in the center of Milano Marittima.
  • Is there animation for children? All day, 7 days a week in Hotel and Beach, watch the Animation Program!
  • What are the services for the little ones? Kitchenette for children and baby bottles, cribs with beds, reducers, potties, inflatable changing table to rest on the bed, courtesy line for children, strollers available, bicycles with child seats.
  • What if I need the pediatrician? Our pedestrian available every day from Monday to Friday by reservation, completely free service.
  • Are drinks also included outside the main meals? All day at the hotel by the pool and at the beach.
  • The snack for the children? Every day from 3.30 pm a tasty snack buffet for children, fresh fruit for the kids and yogurt and in the morning ... Dina Merendina!
  • Where does Dina Merendina withdraw? While going to the beach, every morning from 9 to 10, you find our animators with the snack to take to the beach.
  • I can feed my baby, what can I find there? Vegetable broth (carrots zucchini potatoes), meat broth (white meat), pastina and vegetable past (all strictly without salt), cheese, extra virgin olive oil, a microwave, fridge dedicated to mothers, crockery, a mini pinner, sterilizer, for any request our Chef available.
  • Is there a swimming pool, is it heated? We have a heated swimming pool with a shallow area where even small children can fit.
  • Is the room comfortable? You can choose the space for your holiday among different types of rooms, even with sea view.
  • Is there Wi-Fi? It's free everywhere, the password in our Family newsletter.
  • Is there parking? Yes, we have two solutions: one in the inner courtyard at a cost of 10 euros per day (on reservation-limited places) or we give you a pass on arrival with which you can park in the blue parking spaces along the way (we ask only a deposit)
  • What if I had to give up my holiday? We will return the full amount paid within 15 days before arrival. For cancellations communicated later we will only retain the deposit. (Which can range from a minimum of 350 to a maximum of 700).

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