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You are very close to Mirabilandia: the theme park that offers you all the thrills of its fun, original attractions. Discover your family discounts at Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima with the offer 2 kids free up to 18 years of age! With a minimum stay of 6 days, Mirabilandia and Mirabeach are FREE for your entire family!

For stays of at least 6 nights, we'll give you free admission tickets to MIrabilandia for everyone! Can you imagine how affordable your family holi-day can be with us! Kids stay for free until age 18 and the fun is doubled with free admissions to Mirabilandia!

Italy's most beautiful amusement park is located in the province of Ravenna and is only a 15-minute drive from the Club Family Hotel in Milano Marittima. Here on roller coasters, you ride at the incredibly high speeds and get swept away by overwhelming sensations. The park boasts Europe's number one roller coaster, ideal for those who want to experience adrenaline rushes, such as the ISpeed, Katun and Divertical.

But for those who don't like sensational speed rides at Mirabilandia, there are rides and attractions for all your children's tastes, heights, and ages, divided into different themed areas where their imaginations can run wild. In Bimbopoli even the youngest children find space to enjoy their own fun between Fantasyland and the Mad House. Dinoland, on the other hand, is all about the world of dinosaurs, plunging you into prehistory to discover pterodactyls, tyrannosaurs and triceratops, with thrills of varying intensity. Adventureland is a true paradise for those in search of fantastic adventures exploring ancient Mayan cities, lush Amazonian forests and rugged rivers. Route 66, to live the great American dream and whiz by at different speeds on water or rail, or even upside down. WOW!!! Far West Valley, the area where all children dream of immersing themselves in the experience of the true pioneer, with gold miners, Native American villages and barren roads for cowboy challenges to the last shot! Last, but only in chronological order, Ducati World, the first themed area in an amusement park entirely dedicated to the motorcycle brand that is the pride of Italy! It will be love at first sight for the flaming red Ducati to share with your children.

Discover our offers dedicated to families if you want to spend your vacation full of fun: you can stay 6 nights in a hotel near Mirabilandia and you get free entrance tickets, plus you feel right at home!     

Mirabilandia Attractions

The following are attractions you can find, broken down by difficulty. Starting with extreme attractions we have:

  • Extreme rides: Oil Tower 2; Oil Tower 1; The Walking Dead; Divertical; Katun; iSpeed; Desmo Race; Motion Sphere; Simulatori Ducati
  • Moderate rides: Rexplorer; Raptotana; Leprotto Express; Casa Matta; Blue River; Master Thai; Aquila Tonante; Rio Bravo; Raratonga; El Dorado Falls; Reset; Scrambler Run; Autosplash; Gold Digger; Buffalo Bill Rodeo;
  • Quiet rides: Reptilium; Ottoland; Monosauro; Santa Fè Express; Flying Arturo; Fantasyland; Mini Rapide; Diavel Ring; Kiddy Monster;  Eurowheel; Carousel; Bicisauro; Torri Geronimo; Fort Alamo; Giochi a premio; Campo Sioux; Brontocars Baby; Brontocars; Aquaqua

Mirabilandia amusement park opens in spring for all weekends, is open daily in summer from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and, when there are shows or events, until 11 p.m. In the autumn, it is again open on weekends and on Halloween it greets its audience with a spectacular, creepy themed event!

In addition to the attractions, it is also possible to enjoy a number of fantastic shows, rousing stunt rides, and lots of really exciting special effects, thanks to a really fun entertainment program.

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