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  • Nutella -  spread generously on a slice of bread or dripping from a waffle or a crepe... what better breakfast, or snack?! Of course, we always have the world's best hazelnut spread ready for our children!
  • Fileni -our supplier of organically and sustainably farmed white meat, so taste is combined with respect and a better future is achieved.
  • Plasmon - for us, making small children happy also involves feeding them, which is why we chose the company that has been taking care of small children for over 100 years
  • Gran Cotto - one of the stars of the Negroni brand, a slowly steamed ham that, cut into thin slices, makes even the simplest sandwich unique.
  • Orogel - Italy's leading company in the production and freezing of fresh vegetables from sustainable agriculture, giving you a wealth of flavours and colours every day.
  • Aia - to keep the kids happy with our hot dogs, we needed a great partner, and apart from the delicious frankfurters, the poultry and breaded products are all worth trying!
  • La Regina di San Marzano - his majesty the tomato! We have chosen the quintessential Italian peeled tomatoes to spread the scent that whets every appetite!
  • 3 Marie - To enhance your breakfast with the aroma of warm croissants and delight your palate with their crispness, we have chosen excellence in confectionery production.
  •  market leader in fresh fruit and vegetables, chosen to put only the best produce from the controlled supply chain in our buffet every day.
  • Pieri Group - to ensure maximum hygiene, we have chosen a local company that has made cleanliness an ethical objective, so the detergents, disinfectants, deodorants and sanitisers provide us with much more than just deep cleaning.
  • Coca Cola - can you think of a beach holiday without ever sipping a glass of Coca-Cola served chilled? Maybe by the pool? No, right?
  • Pepsi - pepsi twist, light or max, whatever your thirst, we can satisfy it thanks to a reliable partner that we have counted on for many years.
  • Lipton - served with tinkling ice cubes when you get back from the beach or hot for breakfast, either way a taste certainty.
  • Forst - South Tyrolean brewery, certified International Food Standard for high standards of quality and food safety in production, chosen to allow our guests to enjoy a mug of excellent cold beer and finally toast to summer!
  • Schweppes - to discover all the flavours of these drinks, put our bartenders to the test and they will surprise you with original and exclusive drinks or timeless classics.
  • Nesquik -  the main ingredient of a chocolate-filled breakfast or snack could not be missing!
  • Nestlè - a global brand that for years has been our best partner for enriching breakfast with variety, taste and quality.
  • Sammontana - For colourful popsicles to make your children happy, we had to choose the company that has been making real Italian ice cream for over 70 years.
  • Galak - a white chocolate bar that has made children happy with its unique taste since 1956. That's why we chose it to make breakfast in Club Family Hotels more delicious.
  • PS5 - the console that really changed the world of video games, to the delight of your older kids, and yours too of course.
  • Asmodee Italia - not only a publisher that produces and distributes board games and role-playing games that have literally revolutionised this world of family fun with games such as Dooble, Dixit, Ticket to Ride, Mysterium or Exploding Kittens, but a reliable partner for transforming even an afternoon of uncertain weather into a moment to spend together among fantastic images and memorable challenges.
  • Adventerra - a company that uses play to convey its love and value for the environment to your children, who will spend hours playing and discovering at the end that they have learned many new things! You can learn by playing, and we can't wait to see the joy on your children's faces!
  • De Cecco - The world loves us for the goodness of our pasta, but we Italians know that the difference is always in the right cooking, and with De Cecco this is always a guarantee.
  • Amadori - egg or crispy roast chicken, with such a partner we always know that we are guaranteeing the quality and flavour of each dish, as well as an integrated supply chain.
  • Nanny School - For our most precious guests from 8 months to 3 years old we could only choose the best, so you can be sure that you are leaving your precious asset in the hands of professional and qualified nannies and we know that he will be super pampered!

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