Top Quality All Inclusive Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima

At the 4-star Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima you already know that your family beach holiday is worth twice as much!

Two hotels, two swimming pools, two restaurants, two playgrounds and above all two free kids! But when it comes to quality… well, we don’t just double, we multiply!

Thanks to our exclusive Club Family Hotel All Inclusive® formula, you won’t have any worries or surprises during your stay, but we also want to tell you why our brand is synonymous with quality… always! Guaranteeing the best to our guests is a source of pride for us, even in the smallest things, because it’s the details that always make the difference, don’t you think?!

That’s why we have made a careful selection of suppliers and brands, our Top Quality All Inclusive, to give you the certainty that your all-inclusive family holiday also includes the highest quality in every detail!